Why choose us

By engaging Quest Interim you can expect:
• Immediate impact and sustained high-quality output
• An energy and pace of delivery that is infectious
• Confident and capable leadership

The focus of our approach is the development of capabilty and improving PMO maturity. We have a very broad business background, completing engagements in the financial services, retail, central government and utilities sectors.

We are people orientated – we started ‘in the business’ and know how to engage with and lead teams. Our experience includes some of the largest mergers and acquisitions and banking integrations in recent years, so we believe we are well placed to understand what is required to drive improvements in the maturity of your PMO.

But don’t worry if you have not yet put in place a PMO function, or have only just started. As you can see
from our range of services, we could:

• Help design a rigorous control framework from the ground up
• Breathe life in to your existing plans and accelerate the implementation of a PMO
• Provide an independent, objective review of your existing service, and agree a set of actions to move your PMO along the maturity curve

Because of our experience we can quickly tune any one or more of our services to help you deliver your programme of change.

We will be honest in our assessment of your existing control frameworks, or the type of PMO structure and service that will best deliver what you need from it. We also bring energy and pace; once we have agreed a course of action with our clients we work quickly to deliver successful client outcomes.

Quest Interim has a passion for the PMO and the benefits they can help deliver. We hope the statistics below will start to instil in you a similar belief in their value.

According to PM Solutions’ The State of the PMO 2010 research, PMO’s contribute directly to the following performance improvements:

  • Decrease in failed projects 31%
  • Projects completed under budget 30%
  • Improvement in productivity 21%
  • Projects delivered ahead of schedule 19%
  • Savings per project (% total project cost) 17%
  • Increase in resource capacity 13%